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We have compiled the questions most commonly asked by our clients.

Que comprend l'offre Mobitech ? What does the Mobitech offer include?

The Mobitech+ subscription is a package that includes a range of services to help you use your smartphone. These services are :

  • 30 geolocation requests: you can use them to locate your loved ones
  • Geolocation tutorial: Use our articles to geolocate your lost or stolen phone
  • Geolocation assistance: Our experts will guide you through the steps of geolocation.

For any further information, do not hesitate to contact us, our agents are available:

  • Our agents are available

Pourquoi suis-je prélevé par %domain_name%?Why am I charged by is the website which proposes the Mobitech+ offer, detailed above. This offer is billed as a monthly subscription at € 29.90.

Comment puis-je accéder à mon espace ?How do I access my personal space?

It is very easy to access your personal space: just click on the "Login" button on the top right, you will then be asked to enter your email address (the one used for your first payment) and the password sent by email at the time of subscription. Then by clicking on connection, you will access your personal space.

Quels sont les moyens de paiement autorisés ?What are the authorized means of payment?

In order to guarantee you a maximum of ease and security, we accept payments by CB, Visa and Mastercard. Thanks to this, we guarantee payments and we can make refunds quickly and directly.

Quelles informations conservez-vous et comment les utilisez-vous ?What information do you keep and how do you use it?

As regards their use, we guarantee that no resale or sharing of information will be made.