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ClubHouse, the new social network for professionals, what to know ? 

The world of work, marketing, friendships and professional relationships revolve around social media. Each domain has a dedicated platform. Hence, you need to know where to go for what reason. In the workplace, there are social networks that share offers, that make discussion forums like LinkedIn, etc. The good news is that he has just created a whole new network for you who are interested in professional debates. This is the Club House . Let's find out together what it is. 


What is the Club House ? 


The ClubHouse is one of the new professional social networks. It was created in March 2020 by Paul Davidson and Rohan Seth in Silicon Valley, California. It comes in the form of an app that you can only download on the iPhone. Indeed, it is only available on IOS. Android users are banned at this time. The difference and uniqueness is that you couldn't write or post photos or videos. Indeed, this platform is exclusively vocal. What do you mean ? The platform is like a conference room where you will attend debates in the labor sector. It's a pretty original concept. 


How does the ClubHouse app work ?  


After downloading the application from the AppStore, like all social networks, you must create your profile. When registering, you must first give your real identity. Always associate the account with a phone number. In addition, your phone contacts will all be saved. You will see which of them are already members. Next, you should be invited to participate fully in the discussions and debates that take place in the rooms or meeting rooms. In fact, it is as if you were going to a conference debate. Meetings are scheduled at a specific time. During private or public discussions that you join, you can participate by clicking on the "raise your hand" button. A meeting can bring together around 5,000 people. 

How do I get invited to ClubHouse ? 


After creating your profile, you should now be prompted. As you will understand, it is only reserved for iPhone users, even though the company plans to make their app available on android in the future. ClubHouse is very selective for its members. So, to be able to participate in the incredible debates in the rooms, you have to be invited by people who are already members. How's it going? Indeed, a member must invite you to be able to access all the functions of the application. Indeed, when you will be welcomed in the application, you will have the possibility to invite 2 people of your choice. Be careful with who you decide because you will be responsible for all his misdeeds in the group. Hence, there are sales of invitations on the net for those who are in a hurry to enter. This is where you should base your search for invitations. If you are patient, you can also wait for the app to prompt you. In this case, you are on a waiting list. The ClubHouse application is then presented as a VIP application. This gives him quite a celebrity and the desire to accede to it.